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2017 Fall Membership Meeting

CCMS held its 2017 Fall Membership Meeting on Thursday, September 14th at the I-Hotel & Conference in Champaign presenting the program, "Is There a Doctor in the House? What to Do When the Unexpected Happens."

CCMS members enjoy a buffet dinner at the Fall Membership Meeting

CCMS invited experts from Emergency Medicine and Trauma to share tips and tricks that every doctor should know in an emergency. Dr. Brad Weir, Carle EMS & AirLife Medical Director, presented, "When 8 Minutes Feels Like a Lifetime: Emergency Response for Non-Emergency Medicine Physicians;" Dr. Henry Moore, Carle Trauma Program Lead, presented, "Stop the Bleed: Bleeding Control from the American College of Surgeons," showing how to control bleeding for the lay person; and Dr. Raymond Bertino, Peoria, creator of the airRx smart phone app presented, "In Flight Medical Emergencies: Be Prepared to Help," for physicians called on in an emergency while on a flight. Clickable links to the available slides of speaker presentations are included in titles in the paragraph above.

Dr. Michelle Olson and Dr. Brad Weir
Dr. Raymond Bertino demonstrates the airRx app
Dr. Henry Moore discusses how to stop bleeding.

During the meeting, ISMS President Dr. Nestor Ramirez gave a brief update on health insurance reform and recent legislative issues affecting medical practice in the Illinois General Assembly.

Also, the 2017 Physician Champion Awards were presented to Dr. Albert (Terry) England and Dr. Timothy Sehy. Both doctors are being honored for their countless hours of highly regarded efforts teaching medical residents. See more information in the column to the right.

2017 Spring Membership Meeting

Physician Heal Thyself:
Combating Burnout and Enhancing Personal Wellness

CCMS members and guests at our 2017 Spring Membership program learned about avoiding physician burnout and finding resources that promote wellness as physicians. Dr. Robert Cranston, Carle Foundation Hospital, presented, "Coaching and Mentoring to Improve Your Serve" outlining Carle Hospital's program to help its "professionals flourish, improve retention, production, efficiency and joy at work" using personal coaching. Dr. Holly Rosencranz, UIUC College of Medicine, presented, "Taking Care of Each Other; Lessons Learned from Residents about Wellness," which demonstrated how developing a supportive community for residents is essential for their wellness and mental health. Clickable links to the slide decks of each speaker's presentation are included in the paragraph above.

Also at the meeting, Dr. William Youngerman and Dr. Ronald Deering were recognized with plaques for their long-term service on the CCMS Board of Directors.

2017 Physician Champion Awards
CCMS President, Dr. Michelle Olson, presented two area physicians with the Society’s annual Physician Champion Award at its Fall Membership Meeting held on Thursday, September 14th at I Hotel & Conference Center in Champaign. The awards are presented each year to CCMS members who make a difference with their generous contributions of time and expertise.
CCMS President Dr. Michelle Olson presents the Physician Champion Award to Dr. Terry England.
Dr. Albert (Terry) England, an infectious disease specialist at Christie Clinic, was recognized for his dedication to teaching and countless hours of educational volunteerism as a mentor and teacher for medical residents for many years, guiding residents in strong clinical reasoning and the practice of evidence based medicine in his specialty of infectious disease. He has spent hours volunteering as a preceptor for residents in internal medicine morning report at Presence Covenant Medical Center. Additionally, he contributes to the community through his advocacy of the arts and humanities through his active committee role at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts.
CCMS President Dr. Michelle Olson presents the Physician Champion Award to Dr. Timothy Sehy.
Dr. Timothy Sehy, a retired nephrologist who practiced at Christie Clinic from 1978 to 2014, was recognized for his dedication to teaching and educational volunteerism for devoting countless volunteer hours to teaching medical residents about nephrology and serving as a faculty mentor for first year medical students. Dr. Sehy provides weekly sessions providing an overview of his subspecialty and has not only taught numerous residents, but also inspired many to pursue this field of internal medicine.
Carle Hospital Foundation Research and Poster Day
Award winners of the Carle Research Day event held Thursday, April 6th at Carle Forum with CCMS Board Officer, Dr. Holly Rosencranz (center). Left to Right: Brianna Mantilla, Chelsea Wong, Dr. Rosencranz, Dr. Rabel Misbah, Carlos Dostal

CCMS sponsored cash awards for the Carle Foundation Hospital Foundation Research Day which featured posters and oral presentations that showcased the research and scholarly activities of residents, medical students and nurses. First place winners received $75 and second place winners received $50. Awards were presented to:

  • Ms. Chelsea Wong - First Place Oral Presentation
  • Dr. Raiya Sarwar - Second Place Oral Presentation
  • Mr. Carlos Dostal - First Place Poster Presentation
  • Dr. Rabel Misbah - Second Place Poster Presentation
  • Ms. Brianna Mantilla - Honorable Mention Poster Presentation

March 30th is Doctor's Day!

CCMS President, Dr. Michelle Olson, discussed Doctors' Day in an interview on WCIA Morning Show, March 30, 2017.


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2018 Officers
  • Shamim Sadiq, MD, President
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  • Nestor Ramirez, MD, MPH, FAAP, President Elect
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  • Holly A. Rosencranz, MD, FACP, Secretary
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  • Michelle Olson, MD, MACM, Immediate Past President
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  • Charles Ellington, Jr., MD

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